I have worked on shooting and editing film for over five years after my short studies at New York Film Academy in Hollywood, LA. I continued to take classes within Video creation, Animation (for both 2D & 3D), Post Production & Special Effects within university. I occasionally film local events and in my travels for fun in my spare time as well!   

Tools:  Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premier Pro CC
Personal Bumper
Development Time: April - May 2016 (4 Weeks)
For this project, I was required create a personal bumper using myself as a brand. By taking personal experience, aspects of myself or interests I created a singular, focused animation that communicates my personal brand to an audience.
I wanted to communicate my love of both photography and flat design and how they often influence the way I create my works as a designer.  

Real Life Gaming Interface
Development Time: March - April 2016 (4 Weeks)
With the rise of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and new methods of physical and non-physical interaction, the possibility of augmented interaction in the every day is a real possibility. For this project, I was required create a short pre-visualisation in After Effects of an augmented reality or physical interface.For my first project in my Post Production & Special Effects class, I was inspired by the idea of the gamification of life. I wanted to create an interface which included elements and a representation of a university student's life. 

Recharge Energy Drink Advertisment
Development Time:
March - April 2016 (4 Weeks)
For my Video Creation class, I was required to make a 30-second ad for a fictional energy drink. I created the brand of Recharge, a natural energy drink made for students who often have long days with lots going on and are often on the go. I was inspired by my fellow design classmates and their constant need to drink Red Bull and V when there are big projects due and wanted to create a healthier alternative.
My Recharge energy drink ad shows a day in the life of a busy university design student who uses Recharge to help them get through the day.
This video was shot completely on a GOPRO. 
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