I Hear You is a 2D puzzle game created at Global Game Jam LA 2018 based on the given theme of "Transmission". 
Our team of seven scored high in Innovation, Accessibility and Art and was nominated for Excellence in Audio.
Event: Global Game Jam LA 2018    |    Development Time: January 26 - 28, 2018 (48 hours)    |    My Role: 2D Artist / UI Design

“I Hear You” is a 2D puzzle game about a young girl who has recently lost someone she loves. Equipped with a portable radio station, the little girl sends out waves to the universe. The lost loved ones (the stars in the sky) are responding with their own waves, delivering her lost loved one’s final message to her. However, the messages aren’t very clear from afar and can only be heard in fragments from different parts of the locations — each bright star in the sky is a syllable of words in a message. The player will have to move the little girl throughout the game and remix the sounds from stars (in the right order) to hear the syllables of the words clearly to rebuild the message.

As this was my first Game Jam, I took on the role as background environment artist and UI design for our team. Collaborating with or character artist, we decided on creating the game based on a flat minimalistic style that would not take away the focus of the stars and the sounds  (which was the main purpose of the game).
Typography and User Interface
I created basic user interfaces for the title screen, language selection screen, cut scenes and game scenes. I chose a selection of handwritten fonts as they gave a very "human" feeling. Each typeface symbolised a character within the game and helped to differentiate between the main character and other characters. 
While the developers were working on the main sound and interaction mechanics of the game, I assisted by creating the visual look of the stars when the player would interact and connect with them. I chose blues stars in the sky (and it's waves) as they represented peace, tranquility and the calmness. These had to be different from the waves which the player character sending out so the player could visually tell which waves came from where. 
While this visual was our end goal, we only had time to place the basic stars and show the click order with numbers.
What I learnt
While there’s still much polishing needed, our team still did pretty well! Our team ended up scoring high in Innovation, Accessibility and Art and we got picked for Excellence in Audio which is pretty awesome for our first shot at a Game Jam. Our game also got a lot of positive compliments from our fellow game creators and GGJ judges from EA and Riot Games so it was incredibly satisfying to end the game jam on such a high note.
If we had longer on this project, I would loved to have designed more levels for the game both visually and gameplay-wise. We designed the game so that we would have more room to develop if we had the chance to and there was much I wanted to expand upon. 

Team Code Crowd 2018:
Soojung Choi (Level Designer), David Schornsheim (Sound Designer/Developer), Rosanina Estrella (Environment Artist/UI Designer), Stefanie Enge (Character Artist), Po-Hsun Chen (Developer), Dario Ceblano (Developer), Eric Wu (Developer)
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