Client: Education NZ / Study in NZ    |    Agency: Touchcast NZ    |    Design Time: December 2016 (1 Week)    |    My Role: Graphic Designer

The client was looking for two infographic type banners as part of their January social media content on the Study in New Zealand Facebook and Twitter pages. Both banners relate to the theme of safety and each have a specific message the client wanted to convey. The Touchcast NZ team had recently created a similar infographic banner for a previous campaign and the client wanted the new banners to stick to the same theme and graphic style - something fun, creative and simple.
This was a short project at my internship at Touchcast NZ with the guidance of my design mentors.​​​​​​​


Colour scheme and branding provided by Education New Zealand.

We created three  variations of each banner and talked with the client about their preference. We looked into the idea of peace and how we could connect it to New Zealand and research a variety of symbols that would fit the theme. The client liked the idea of the kiwi bird holding the olive branch, however, the message we were trying to convey did not seem very obvious. Working with the other designers, we iterated on adding a dove as suggested by the client.

Final Outcome
For the final product, we produced two banners for the client's Facebook and Twitter pages. While the client liked the second banner, there were still a couple of adjustments needed to be made for the first banner. Each banner was released on different days as part of Study in New Zealand’s daily posts.

Social Media 
Each banner was posted on Facebook and Twitter at the end of January, both which gained over 16,000 reactions on Facebook within two weeks. 

Study in New Zealand / Education New Zealand

Touchcast NZ
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