Client: Melon Health    |    Project Time: November - December 2017 (2 months)    |    My Role: UX/UI Designer
"Helping people help themselves and lead healthier, happier lives.
Improving care and reducing costs with innovative, scalable and cost-effective mobile health solutions"
Melon Health develops and maintains a number of web and mobile platforms that allows New Zealand patients with specific health conditions (such as Breast Cancer, schizophrenia, Mental Health) to lead healthier, happier and independent lives. These applications allow health care providers to keep an eye on their patients’ progress and for patients to be a part of a supportive community that share the same health condition. These platforms are being trialled and used at select district health boards and health care providers around New Zealand.
On all Melon applications, patient users will receive an email every time they receive notifications on the platform, weekly highlights, activity within the community or private messages from their doctor or health care provider. However, users are currently overwhelmed with the overwhelming amount of emails they are receiving from any form of activity. There is no strategy or plan to when, how and why users should receive these emails. There is also no option to unsubscribe from the emails within the email itself (which is against the law) and there is no form of styling). At this point, emails are causing more frustration than help and are often seen as unnecessary.
A redesign of Melon’s platform email notification flow and design to provide a better user experience and improved look and feel.
Analysing all possible email cases
I collated a list of emails that were currently being sent from 4 of Melon's applications, what type of users were receiving specific emails, if it was an automated or manual email, what triggered the email to be sent and how frequent the email was sent. From here I researched other relevant emails that could be used or potential email types that could exist (however could were no spotted in the initial cataloguing of exisiting emails). This allowed me to see the high level scope of emails that could impact the user and what are the most necessary emails that a user would need to receive.  
Journey Mapping
I created a journey map of a user's journey on a Melon application from when their first interaction with the application, onboarding and regular use of the platform. This helped to see get a better picture in placing where a user would receive an email in their process.
Lo-Fi wireframing
Creating a user journey communicated that there were 9 main unique email types that would be necessary within the application. I created lo-fi wireframes of these emails and presented them to the Melon development team to get feedback and project sponsors. 
Refined designs
Once we had decided which were the most necessary emails I refined the designs by editing brand colours and adding icons with a flat art style. I provided initial copy for the email layouts, giving UX writing guidance to a content writer who was added later on in the project.
Mocking up designs in an email layout
Finally I provided the developers with mockups of what the email should look like within the context of inside of an inbox. 
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